Focus Fires


The Optifocus features an elegant combination of style and function.  This clever fireplace features a hearth-shelf, wood-storage base as well as sliding glass doors and a heat recuperation system for added efficiency rarely seen in wood fireplaces.

Optimizing these elements in a harmonious, convivial blend, this fireplace is an ideal solution for limited spaces, without compromising on safety or heat efficiency. Graceful in style, the model also has a minimal CO output.

With Focus’ new Augmented Reality App, you can easily see how this unit looks in any space in your home.  You can download this app at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The Optifocus comes in two sizes (1250 & 1750) and is produced by Focus Fires, the award winning fireplace manufacturer from France.  They are imported and distributed by European Home for installations in North America.

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Retail price starting at: $16,000
Not available for Canadian markets.

“Is there fire in heaven? – … – Well, then, I guess I choose hell.”

Fuel Type
Unit Diameter (1250)
Unit Diameter (1750)
Viewable Opening (1250)
49" Diameter x 15" H
Viewable Opening (1750)
69" Diameter x 15" H
Natural Vent - 8" Inside Diameter (Class A Pipe)
Flat Black (Standard) or Slate Grey (Optional)
UL 737-2011 (U.S.A.) - Vented Wood Fireplaces (U.S. Only)
CO Output
0.16 %
Nominal Heat Output
11 KW
73.1 %