A frameless, built-in direct vent gas fireplace ideal for smaller spaces.  The Optica features a traditional-sized opening with bold, trimless lines.

All Element4 fireplaces feature the unique offering of Fire Media, which sit directly in the flames. Choose between the log set, fire glass, white Carrara pebbles or grey stones.

All Element4 fireplaces can be fitted for propane.

The Optica is produced by Element4 B.V., the award winning fireplace manufacturer from the Netherlands, and is imported and distributed by European Home for installations in North America.

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Fire media.

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Optional accessories.

ProControl App that seamlessly operates your modern fireplace
ProControl App and WiFi Module
Convention Air Opening Trim
Convention Air Opening Trim
Access Door
Control Access Door (Standard)
InvisiMesh Safety Screen (Standard)
Optional Wall Switch for Element4 Fireplaces
Wall Switch

What's New.

Tundra fire media clear glass fire media stone fire media log fire media log set fireglass

New ‘Landscape Series’ Fire Media for Element4 Fireplaces.

Design has long been influenced by nature.  For our latest curated fire media mixes we looked to landscapes, near and far, for guidance. Forest Path:  Imagine you’re on a hike.  You’re on the Northern shoreline of Lake Superior deep in the woods.  Hardwood branches, colorful stones and the detritus of the forest floor crunch under […]

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Gas Type
Natural Gas or Propane
Heat Output (Natural Gas)
11,000 - 42,600 BTU/hr
Heat Output (LPG)
8,500 - 34,100 BTU/hr
Viewable Opening
32-1/16" W x 26-1/2" H
Rough Opening
Framing : Please refer to the Installation Manual for more information
Requires 4" x 6-5/8" direct vent
Flame Adjustment
Wall Switch
Remote Control
Electronic Ignition
ANSI Z21.11.50a-2008, CSA 2.22a-2008, CSA P.4 - Vented Gas Fireplaces
Mass Approval Code