Modern Electric Fireplaces.

Unedited and shot completely on an iPhone, this video clearly showcases the beautiful flame effects and many benefits of a modern electric fireplace by European Home.



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European Home’s newest line of electric fireplaces is at the cutting edge of modern fireplace technology.  We developed Evoflame to achieve stunningly realistic flame effects while utilizing energy efficient LED lighting.  With Evoflame there is no need for gas lines, chopped wood or even venting.  Our electric fireplaces are controlled by an app on your favorite device, offer optional heating for your home and add a clean and contemporary architectural element to any space.

Looking for a frameless, multi-sided electric fireplace?  Check out the Built-In options below.  Or for a fully realized modern motif, consider fireplace Suites which simply hang on the wall and provide a gorgeous flame effect coupled with a stylish ready-made contemporary surround (available in both Black and White Stone finishes.)

The Electric Fireplace Line by European Home