Here’s a Sneak Peak

SKY MEDIUM by Element4

Modest yet impressive.

Following the success of the Sky series, the Sky M stands at 3 feet, 11 inches (160 cm), perfect for creating a stunning look that is more reserved. The Sky M also features the new Real Flame Burner Tunnel which gives the look of flames wrapping around logs and looks just as striking from both sides.

SUMMUM 140 by Element4

Winner of “BEST GAS APPLIANCE” and “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” at the 2019 Hearth & Home Show in Harrogate, UK.

This is the only fireplace with four Real Flame burners that wrap around logs as well as a bottom burner and LED lights that give the effect of glowing embers. Multiple setting for different flame effects and temperature makes this model versatile and attractive.

CLUB SERIES by Element4

The perfect blend of fire and technology.

The Club 140 and 240H feature the thinnest flame burner available and is accented in LED lighting in 40 different colors. This fireplace can be operated by remote control, smartphone, tablet or home automation. Flickering flames and shimmering lights all at your fingertips.


Flames for a tight space.

At 11 5/8″ deep the Cupido 50 and 70 are the slimmest models around. These fireplaces feature Real Flame technology with adjustable burners and are perfect for older buildings and condos. No longer limited by a small space you can now have your flame and enjoy it too.

J SERIES 40H M2 by European Home

All the beauty in a new shape.

The J Series M2 outdoor vent-free fireplace with its LED lighting and weather-resistant stainless steel now has a new shape. At a shorter 40 inches wide yet higher 27 inches tall, this model has all of the features that make the J M2 series distinct.

HALO by European Home

Electric fireplace brought to a whole new level.

The latest innovation in flame design, Halo allows complete personalization of your flame effect, featuring RGB driven LED technology, allowing limitless animations to feature in your home.


A new look to a classic design.

The Gyrofocus has been the landmark design for Focus Fires since 1968. Now, this unique design comes in white adding another stunning level to this fireplace.